What is Opengela

Opengela is a project promoted by the Basque Government, with the active collaboration of local councils and residents, which seeks to improve the quality of life in cities through the urban regeneration of neighbourhoods. It consists of setting up neighbourhood offices that, as a kind of one-stop shop, provide advice and support to the community through the whole process of renovation of their apartment buildings and the improvement of public areas.


The programme is for individuals and communities of homeowners who want to renovate their apartment buildings, it also looks to turn them into active participants in the whole renovation process and to accompany them from the start.


The goal is to built neighbourhoods with a higher quality of life for their residents, healthier public spaces adapted to climate change and more energy-efficient buildings, with universal accessibility and the incorporation of basic systems of protection and safety against fires. The focus is always on the residents, making them part of the process.


Neighbourhood offices or Opengelas are spreading throughout most Basque municipalities, especially in neighbourhoods with an ageing housing stock. It began with two pilot neighbourhoods, Txonta (Eibar) and Otxarkoaga (Bilbao), to later extend the network to more than 20 neighbourhoods in the whole Region.


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