Neighbourhood offices for urban regeneration throughout the Basque Country





Opengela is a project aiming to extend urban regeneration in the Basque Country, a network of neighbourhood offices providing advice and support to neighbours as a One-Stop-Shop.

The office in each neighbourhood called ‘Opengela’ (“gela” is the Basque word for “office”) centralises and coordinates procedures related to all stakeholders involved in the urban regeneration process: administrative paperwork, channelling of financial support, communication with the professionals carrying out the building renovation works, etc.

The initiative is promoted by the Basque Government, which pilots the setting-up of the district offices and coordinates the relations with local councils and residents.

This Programme began in 2019 as a European project (HIROSS4all) financed by the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme deployed in two pilots neighbourhoods in Bilbao and Eibar, and ever since it has been successfully extended to more than 20 other municipalities in the Basque Country.

The success of this first experience led to the approval of a new project, within the European Commission’s LIFE programme, called BIRTUOSS, which will run until 2026 and is exploring formulas to extend the scale to the neighbourhood by delving into social, economic and environmental aspects.

This approach will be tested in the Torreurizar housing complex in Bilbao, which will act as a ‘living lab’ for this extended scope One-Stop-Shops.


You can improve your quality of life by renovating your apartment building integrally: it will be more accessible, healthier and better insulated from the outside, both from temperatures and noise.

In addition, its value will increase and your comfort will improve while at the same time saving energy.


Through this tool, it is possible to track the energy performance of buildings and dwellings.

Each user, and exclusively, can consult the data of the monitoring of the energy performance of their home through the following link:


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