The neighbourhood of Torreurizar becomes the ‘living lab’ of the BIRTUOSS project


The European BIRTUOSS project will launch a series of social, economic and environmental initiatives and, in order to test their effectiveness, will use the Torreurizar neighbourhood in Bilbao as a test bench. Its operation will experiment with different formulas and will work on co-creation with the neighbourhood with the aim of replicating this model in other Basque, Spanish and European cities in the future.

The novelty lies in the fact that, in parallel to the renovation work on the buildings, a 12-month employment and training plan is being developed for 12 long-term unemployed people from the neighbourhood. The aim is to train these residents in digitalisation and energy efficiency so that they can subsequently provide training and information to other people in the neighbourhood and so that they can improve their relationship with the e-government and optimise their energy bills. 

In addition, programmes will be carried out to recover the commercial activity of some of the 9 Torreurizar premises.

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