Opengela Vista Alegre in Sestao (Biscay) receives an award in Madrid for its integrated urban regeneration project

  • The distinction comes from the Spanish Association of Public Housing and Land Managers (AVS). The jury has highlighted the promotion of the community initiative, seeking the necessary collaboration of the residents; the Proximity Office, which provides a comprehensive service to the neighbourhood, as well as the public-private financing of the initiative.

In the 10th edition of the awards given by the Spanish Association of Public Housing and Land Managers (AVS), Sestao Berri has been awarded for its project of integrated urban regeneration of Vista Alegre neighbourhood and structural and energetic rehabilitation, improvement of accessibility and habitability of Grupo Vista Alegre, specifically of doorways 1 to 11.

This complex, built in 1914, with a closed block typology and consisting of 93 dwellings, is currently undergoing structural consolidation work, improving energy efficiency, installing lifts and improving the habitability of the dwellings, where terraces are being built facing the inner courtyard. The urban environment is also being improved through actions such as the renovation of water, electricity, gas and telecommunications infrastructures, the installation of photovoltaic solar panels, the creation of a WIFI network for the neighbourhood and the monitoring of the energy performance of the homes.

As Sestao Berri explains, ‘as well as improving the appearance of the built-up area and the neighbourhood, the final objective of these works is to achieve a positive impact on the residents, identifying the socio-economic reality and developing actions that improve and promote the social cohesion of the neighbourhood from an all-inclusive perspective, which eliminates the barriers to access to all the city’s services’.

The award was collected in Madrid by Iñigo Bonet and Luiskar Delgado, technical architect and managing director of Sestao Berri and head of Opengela Vista Alegre in Sestao, respectively.

Congrats! 👏


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