Opengela challenges Basque companies to identify innovative solutions for urban regeneration

  • On Friday, May 24, the Plaza Bizkaia building will host a conference with the participation of some of the European project partners, such as the Basque Government, the Build Inn, Aclima and Gaia clusters, the EVE, Bilbao Municipal Housing and Cíclica.

Is there room for innovation and new solutions in the field of urban regeneration? This Friday, May 24, at the Plaza Bizkaia building, companies from sectors such as construction, environment and digitalization are called to a challenge posed by Opengela, the Basque model of urban regeneration.

On that day, a workshop will be held with the objective of identifying innovative and viable solutions for implementation in integrated urban regeneration processes. These solutions can come from different fields. Therefore, agents from different sectors will be present at the workshop. All of them have in common that they participate as partners in the European project BIRTUOSS, funded by the LIFE program and that is expanding and perfecting the Opengela model, initiated in Euskadi in 2019.

The sesion will show the perspective of the Administration, through Ignacio de la Puerta, director of Territorial Planning and Urban Agenda of the Basque Government, who leads the project. He will start the seminar, at 11 am, to establish the framework of BIRTUOSS-Opengela.

After his speech, the case of the Bilbao neighborhood of TorreUrizar, which is being used as a ‘living lab’ or test bed for these innovations, will be presented. Bilbao Municipal Housing (VVMM), which has a proximity office there (called ‘opengela’), will explain the current status of the project.

In addition, Cíclica‘s managers will present their work on the characterization of the building stock in the Basque Country and the integration of three elements such as architecture, community and environment, as well as explain the tools developed for the transposition of the recently approved revision of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). This tool helps to define the roadmaps that allow interaction with the industrial sector, the Building Passport and the Digital Building Register.

The challenges that Opengela’s partners will pose to Basque companies are mainly focused on aspects such as energy efficiency, industrialized solutions, as well as nature-based solutions and the integration of ICTs.

For this purpose, representatives of the Basque Energy Agency (EVE) and three clusters will participate: Build Inn (formerly Eraikune), Aclima and Gaia. All of them are part of the European project.

These interventions will give way to a contrast with the attending companies to validate possible solutions to the challenges posed. Aspects such as economic feasibility, technical difficulty, the availability of a nearby market, or its real implementation in rehabilitation processes, among others, will be taken into account. After the sharing of possible solutions, the conclusions of the day will be drawn.

The meeting will take place from 11:00 to 14:00 and is aimed especially at companies associated with these clusters. The complete program can be consulted here. 


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