Do you know the EU Building Stock Observatory? 

EU Building Stock Observatory

The European Commission’s EU Building Stock Observatory (BSO) is a tool designed to enhance the monitoring of the EU’s existing energy policies and initiatives, to give transparent information on the EU building stock, and to help shape future policy making.

A data base, mapper, and fact sheet with interactive graphics and tables containing information about the stock of EU buildings and energy usage are all included in the design of the BSO. These can be downloaded and viewed on screen for later use.

The tool will ultimately cover a wide range of energy-related topics and include information of energy consumption, building stock, energy performance certificates, installed building elements and technical building systems, zero energy buildings, renovation rates, as well as topics like energy poverty and financing.

The tool’s present iteration just addresses three areas and is the initial stage of a significant overhaul:

  • Building stock
  • Renovation rates
  • Energy consumption

In the Basque Country, the Department of Territorial Planning, Housing and Transport of the Basque Government, as part of the Opengela project, launched a tool to track the energy performance of buildings and homes. Thus, each user can exclusively consult the energy performance monitoring data through the following link:


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