24 unemployed people will receive paid training at the Opengela facilities in the Otxarkoaga neighbourhood of Bilbao for a year 

Formación Opengela Otxarkoaga

24 unemployed people will receive training related to energy efficiency and the use of new technologies to subsequently provide advice on these two aspects to users who come to Bilbao Municipal Housing. The place chosen for the classes and upcoming advice is the Opengela located in the neighbourhood of Otxarkoaga, one of the pilot neighbourhoods of the European HIROSS4all programme, where work was carried out on 15 house numbers of five buildings with 238 dwellings.

The socio-occupational inclusion projects are coordinated and managed by Bilbao Ekintza and the Directorate of Employment and Inclusion of the Basque Government’s Department of Labour and Employment, and they have the collaboration of Bilbao Municipal Housing. In addition, the project has been funded by Next Generation.

This experience is now being extended to other neighbourhoods in the city whose projects are linked to the Torreurizar and Párroco Unceta Urban Regeneration projects (in the Santutxu neighbourhood of Bilbao).


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